Item Conveyors
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Item conveyors pull items from the inventory of the block behind them and insert the items into the block in front of them. Handy arrows painted on the side help you keep track of which end is in or out. Use the rotation wrench to point the conveyors in the same direction.

Filtered item conveyors will drop items that match specific criteria. The filtered items will go either into the inventory of the block immediately beneath them or fall onto the ground (if there's just air under the filtered conveyor).

The Overflow Filter Conveyor is a special type of conveyor that will always try to insert the item to the inventory in the block beneath it, but then pass it sideways if that fails. This is very useful if for inserting items into machines, since it will not clog up your sorting system if the machine beneath it is full.

The example above shows a sorting system that separates food, ingots, blocks, and plants from the stream of items flowing through the conveyors.



More Examples

Automatic smelting and sorting with Power Advantage and Electric Advantage. Two chests on the floor above serve as inputs for just sorting (vertical conveyor on left side) or crush and smelt (vertical conveyor on right side).

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