Lithium Ion Battery
Batteries store electricity and can be charged and used as a power source when placed in a Battery Array. Energy stored in a battery is measured in kJ (kilo-joules). A kiloWatt-hour is equivalent to 3600 kJ, or 3 cheese burgers.

The Lithium-Ion Battery can store 8000 kJ of energy. For reference, a lump of coal contains 50 MJ of energy (50 000 kJ) and a cheese burger contains 1250 kJ of calorie energy.


The Lithium-Ion Battery is crafted from plastic ingots, a lithium ingot, powdered redstone, and powdered carbon (made by smashing coal with a crack hammer).


Batteries can be placed in a Battery Array, which will automatically recharge a battery with excess electricity and drain the batteries when the demand for electricity exceeds the supply from generators.

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