Power Advantage Lightweight API

Suppose you already have a tech mod that uses its own energy system (such as COFH redstone flux). Here's how you can easily make your mod's machines accept energy from Power Advantage:

public void postInit(FMLPostInitializationEvent event) {
                new ILightWeightPowerAcceptor(){
                    public boolean canAcceptEnergyType(ConduitType powerType) {
                        return ConduitType.areSameType(powerType, "electricity");
                    public float getEnergyDemand(TileEntity yourMachine,
                            ConduitType powerType) {
                        TileEntityMyMachine m = (TileEntityMyMachine)yourMachine;
                        return m.getMaxEnergyStored() - m.getEnergyStored();
                    public float addEnergy(TileEntity yourMachine,
                            float amountAdded, ConduitType powerType) {
                        TileEntityMyMachine m = (TileEntityMyMachine)yourMachine;
                        float actualChange = m.receiveEnergy(amountAdded);
                        return actualChange;

Power Types

The most common types of power in Power Advantage are "steam" and "electricity". Burning 1 coal item produces 1600 units of steam (1 per tick) or 50,000 units of electricity (16 per tick).

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