Recipe Mode

In the configuration file for Power Advantage (config/poweradvantage.cfg), you can change certain key recipes by setting the recipe_mode option. The recipe modes will impact the difficulty of the game.


This is the default recipe mode and is intended to be "easy". Recipes are generally simpler and rely mostly on Minecraft items not added by mods (aka "Vanilla" Minecraft items).


Recipes in this mode are more complex and may require more steps. *TECH_PROGRESSION* emphasizes the advancement of technology in your Minecraft game as you build up a stock of key crafting ingredients.

*TECH_PROGRESSION* is harder than *NORMAL*, but not as hard as *APOCALYPTIC*


This is "hard mode". The *APOCALYPTIC* recipe mode represents a dwindling world that has slipped backwards in technology.

With the *APOCALYPTIC* recipe mode, most items use the same recipes as *TECH_PROGRESSION*, but some key items are not craftable. You will have to raid dungeon chests to find these items. Such precious items can also be salvaged from machines by smashing them with a crack hammer.

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