Power Advantage


Power Advantage is a mod for Minecraft that provides a simple API for adding power systems (such as steam power) to Minecraft. By itself, Power Advantage adds some handy item conveyor machines (which don't need power) that help you sort items and can transfer items upwards (unlike hoppers) and some machines for collecting, storing, and dispensing water/lava/liquids. Add-on mods that use the Power Advantage API (e.g. Steam Advantage) add additional forms of power.

Recipe Modes

In the configuration file, you will find an option called recipe_mode. This option can be set to either NORMAL, APOCALYPTIC, or TECH_PROGRESSION (anything else will cause a crash on start-up). The recipe mode will change the recipes used for key crafting ingredients.

NORMAL recipes are intended to be as simple as possible, while TECH_PROGRESSION recipes are more complicated (thus harder) and generally represent the logic of the mod author. Setting recipe mode to APOCALYPTIC makes crafting machines much harder because key ingredients cannot be crafted from basic ingredients. See the Recipe Mode page for more details.


Rotation wrench
Starch and Bioplastic


Steel frame
Item conveyors
RF Transformers

Fluid Machines

Fluid pipe
Portable fluid tank
Metal fluid tank
Distillation Furnace
Fluid Switch Valve


Crude Oil
Refined Oil

API Tutorials

Forum Page

Power Advantage

Update Log

Power Advantage Update Log

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